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Fear Mongering

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MD - Captain Mark Waltz of the Brunswick Police admits the registry is punishment! 

RSOVigilantism just uploaded a video:
So Nancy, you are an ex-lawyer right, who is suppose to look at all evidence before jumping to conclusions, right? So since this man is dead, he'll never be able to tell his side of the story and you just assume what the father says is true? Come on, remember what you were taught? So the message I see here is, if you want to kill someone, just accuse them of molesting your child, kill them so they cannot speak, then you will be made out to be a hero! That is just pathetic and not what the "justice" system is suppose to be about. I can understand the man beating the man a couple times, but enough times to kill him? I believe this is involuntary man-slaughter and the father should be punished for it. We cannot have vigilantes running around doing as they wish, but that's not what I get from Nancy's comments!

RSOVigilantism just uploaded a video:
How long is this silent holocaust of ex-sex offenders going to go on before something is done about it? This is yet another of the ever growing list of dead sex offenders and even innocent people, who have been killed by the online vigilante hit-list known as the sex offender registry. This is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and used by police only!

Palm Beach County sex offenders: County task force hopes to ease limits on housing sex offenders

Palm Beach County sex offenders: County task force hopes to ease limits on housing sex offenders

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Behind Closed Doors: The Adam Walsh Act Way, now the States are following?

Part I: Behind Closed Doors: The Adam Walsh Act Way, now the States are following?


PART-II: Behind Closed Doors: The Adam Walsh Act Way, now the States are following?


PART-III: Behind Closed Doors: The Adam Walsh Act Way, now the States are following?


PART-IV: Behind Closed Doors: The Adam Walsh Act Way, now the States are following?


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I Love a Sex Offender: Cry child molestation, get away with murder: After the tragic events in Washington a few weeks ago, it was hard for me to get inspired to blog. There's not much worse than two brutal do...

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Sex Offender Statistics: Do Sex Offender Registries Make Us Less Safe?: June 2012: Laws purporting to protect the public may be increasing sex offender recidivism rates. During the 1990s and 2000s, sex offen...

Orange Park, FL:

Friday, June 15, 2012

The following video was created by Leslie after her husband was brutally murdered by a sick individual who was out hunting ex-sex offenders due to the online public shaming hit-list, and posted with her permission.

This person (Gary) was on the registry due to a bad mistake when he himself was a child and the girl he met lied about her age. He had done the time he was given, yet due to the online hit-list that is the sex offender registry, he was murdered in cold blood due to politicians exploiting fear, children and ex-sex offenders for their own personal gain, future, and don't want to look "soft" on crime because they do not have the balls to do what is right, and that is to take the online vigilante hit-list offline to be used by police only.




How long is this silent holocaust of ex-sex offenders going to go on before something is done about it? This is yet another of the ever growing list of dead sex offenders and even innocent people, who have been killed by the online vigilante hit-list known as the sex offender registry. This is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and used by police only!


Articles of Interest

Articles of interest:

Description: Blanton and Jerry Ray ambushed and murdered on June 3 in Clallam County, Washington, by Patrick Drum. Having widowed Leslie Blanton and stolen a father from her two sons, the confessed killer said, "It had to be done," and that he had intended to kill even more persons he found on Washington's public sex offender registry.

"These two men were murdered in cold blood because they were required by law to mark themselves as targets for vigilantes," said Paul Shannon, Director of RSOL (Reform Sex Offender Laws). Vicki Henry, Director of W.A.R. (Women Against Registry) elaborated, "Drum's pathological hatred for 'registered sex offenders' has devastated the lives of Blanton's and Ray's families and friends and has sent chills of fear into the hearts of families and friends of another 750,000 registrants across this nation."

Most of the articles dealing with the story make it clear that such vigilante activity should not be tolerated by law-abiding citizens. "Anyone who is taking justice in to their own hands and attacking sex offenders in this community, we'll take care of them very, very strongly," said Clallan County Sheriff Bill Benedict to Brian O'Neill, writing for the News Tribune's Blue Byline, "A cop's perspective of the news," (, zeroes in on the core problem: "Our justice system, for all its faults, is the product of our collective will, and it was created to repudiate [vigilantism]. Life is sacred and people deserve a chance to defend themselves from the presumptive judgment of one person."

Sadly, much of the reading public has no such scruples. Many comments to these blogs and articles hail Mr. Drum as a hero and deplore that he was arrested before he had completed or at least furthered his mission, as evidenced by these comments on various sites. A commenter on the Huffington Post wrote,“ I for one am 100% for the registry and they should probably include bounties on it too… I really don't [sic] care where patrick [sic] found the names. im [sic] just glad he found them.” “I say let him go and give him a medal,” wrote a visitor to And from The Daily News came, “The president should grant him amnesty. He obviously has unfinished work to do.”

Blanton and Ray and far too many others are victimized daily by the malingering stigma of sex-crimes from which they long ago repented and have completed their punishments. Blanton's offense of third degree rape occurred over a decade ago when he himself was a juvenile; he leaves behind a family. Ray, convicted of rape of a child in 2003, lived with his father.

RSOL, SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network), and W.A.R. work daily to educate public officials and the general public about scientifically grounded practices which have been proven to make communities safer. "Sexual violation of a child is a serious crime that is usually carried out by relatives or others close to the child. But most people on the registry have never actually harmed a child,” said Shannon. “We need to support policies and laws that are effective and based on solid research. Public sex offender registries are neither. It is long past time to terminate policies based on ignorance and hatred which stigmatize, ostracize, and terrorize those labeled "sex offenders” and their families long after they have completed their sentences.”

Lynn Gilmore, SOSEN CEO, who uses a pseudonym for advocacy work in order to safeguard family privacy due to the potential for bigotry, bullying, and stigma associated with the issue, added, "Since 2003, there has been a notable increase in the number of murders of registrants.  It is hard to deny that the creation of a public registry has led to unintended consequences: vigilante threats and actions, verbal assaults, vandalism, violence, and murders of registrants and, in some cases, their innocent family members. At SOSEN we feel that the only place for a registry of this nature is in the hands of law enforcement, not the public."

"When people are on the registry, it puts them in danger of having targets drawn on their foreheads as well as on the foreheads of family members and others who live at the same address.  In doing this, the public registry is facilitating criminal acts. Clearly, the public registry must be seriously reconsidered,” concludes Shannon.

For more information contact the following:
R. William van der Wall, RSOL Correspondence Committee, 919.780.4510,  or visit
Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry Director, 636.208.5949,  or visit
Lynn Gilmore, SOSEN CEO, 800.773.4319,  or  visit


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'Nobody deserves this'

There are over 8 Million people who regularly commit sex offenses and will escape the registry!

Man gets seven years for killing homeless man (Former Sex Offender) in Bangor

Daughter fears sex offender's killing was a case of vigilante justice


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Specific contact info is only by Web Site Contact form, no published e-mail; no telephone but has a FAX No. to fax documents to;  no physical address only a PO Box in Florida.  They are asking folks for a non-refundable $500-1,000 dollars to create a Plan of Action (which is not described at all) and has no guarantees attached to it.  Also there are no references to other site/s or organizations that might know of their operation.

Fom time to time scams show up on the Internet, and I am NOT SAYING this is a scam, but folks better get more info from these folks before giving them any money.  They may be perfectly legit so exercise caution, at this time.

If anyone knows more about this website please let me know.


Council approves Tim Cole memorial

Green Bay looks at proposal to eliminate sex offender living restrictions

KNIGHT: ACLU friends sex offenders - Washington Times

KNIGHT: ACLU friends sex offenders - Washington Times

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"When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect."
~Adlia Stevenson U.S. Vice President (1893–1897) and Congressman (1879–1881)

On a Personal Note

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts regarding the issue of citizens’ rights, particularly addressing certain sex offenders’ crimes that do not fit the devastating, inequitable and endless punishment given.

As you know, many young men and women lives across the nation are being destroyed by incarceration, life-time registry and restrictive laws that do more harm than good. For those individuals, there is no second chance.

Below is a personal letter to President Obama:
* * * *
“Dear President Obama,

I truly agree with your sentiments that individuals, such as ex-felons, should be able to receive a second chance at life. Since we all know that one can veer off that path of life and travel along rough, rocky terrain, sometimes running off and ending up in some ditch. We all have made our fill of mistakes and sometimes those held a costly consequence that changed life forever. So we lived through it, trying harder to make things right with family, friends and those around us, but what about those who aren’t able to make things right even if they tried…because they’re labeled as too dirty, a leper, a person who is rejected from society and home.

But what if they’re a seventeen year old and had sex with a fifteen year old, consensual at that? Or they’re a teen that had gotten so enraged after a breakup that he sent out naked pictures of his girlfriend on his cell phone or email? Or an individual urinates where someone just happens to see them?

All are wrong and a travesty but do they deserve the life of no second chance with a registry that ends all. They are labeled, no jobs, no where to live…they have been deemed a menace to society, a plague. These certain circumstances, and many other situations similar to these, I believe still deserve a second change.

Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

After my son’s early release and two years of prison, I thought I had handled that fact graciously knowing after serving his time he would be able to get that fresh start, that second chance. He was an exemplary inmate, GED, college courses and vocational classes. Little did I know that a second chance on the outside was the farthest from the truth? He now struggles and lives in a trailer park sharing a trailer with another and surrounded by others in the same rocking boat, one to float endlessly in shark infested waters. I see him little because of probation requirements (he couldn’t live with us because we were 800 feet near a school). My family is afraid of what would happen to them if he lived with them…vigilantism. My son has no other place to stay since others condemn him of his crime that is screamed from the highest rooftop. Sex offender, sex offender!

Not all sex offenders are pedophiles or predators but some are simply young kids that make one stupid and rash decision that eventually changes everything, and they have no idea what they’ve done until their life is never their own. Exactly, where is that second chance for those sex-offenders who are lumped together with pedophiles and predators? Now, it makes me sick to think of my son’s future and many like him that are on the registry and many with no second chance…ever. I am asking you as a mother and as another concerned citizen of the United States that these laws are looked at again and taken into serious consideration in what they are doing to the Constitution of the United States, not for sex offenders in general but the future rights of every citizen, before anymore are put into effect. They unjustly strip an offender of their rights and place them in a guillotine that can be easily set off by anyone and at anytime. Where is the second chance for ex-sex offenders in the present, pending and future laws?”
* * * *
What truly saddens me is the weakness and deterioration of what the sex offense issue is doing to our once, great nation. Across Europe, others are seeing the injustice and disregard of rights, but we ignore this problem and it makes me wonder where humanity is heading….

We have become a hysterical society in which our latest witch-hunt is a sex offender--no matter his/her crime.

Below is a email sent from a foreign advocate to a father of a sex offender:
* * * *
“The tragic story of your son's death is just so sad that it's difficult to explain how. It was very hard to read your letters. It seems almost unbelievable that this can take place in a democracy! From our point of view, there is no justice in this. Not in any way: not for you, your son, the former girl friend – or even the state.

It is an abusive legal system. It seems barbaric. And we are so very sorry that this takes place. That's why it's so important for us to try to neutralize the debate with this…, hopefully making some changes. ….. to show the every day life of the sex offenders, trying to show how they keep on being punished, even after served prison time…..But we will for sure tell the story of the injustice that your son has been exposed to.”
* * * *
I appreciate everyone's commitment and backing to protect everyone's civil rights, plainly as noted in the Constitution of the United States and is presupposed, giving ALL men are “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”