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General Information

This year's National Conference, hosted by RSOL New Mexico at the renowned Ramada Inn Conference Center in Albuquerque, seeks to empower citizen-driven law reform groups to better understand the complexity of current thinking on sex offender registration issues and find workable options for change. Distinguished speakers will launch a collaborative think-tank of proven ideas and best approaches to making all communities safe and abuse-free. 
The conference offers a unified approach to legislative advocacy and volunteer-driven organizational development with topical expert presentations and three distinct yet interrelated 'skill and awareness building' paths through panel discussions and training workshops. The workshops, panels, and forums, which may be mixed-and-matched at discretion, are actually organized as mini-tutorials with each segment building one upon the next under three headings:
  • How lawmaking works and what advocates need to know to have an impact on the process
  • What changes experts recommend regarding current sexual offense laws
  • How to organize effective advocacy/support groups and grow professional communications networks

Featured Speakers

  • Janice Bellucci, civil rights attorney and President, California Reform Sex Offender Laws
  • Amy Borror, Public Information Officer for the Ohio Public Defender's Office
  • Erin Comartin, doctoral candidate at Michigan's Wayne State University
  • Dr. George Geysen, clinical and forensic psychologist who is an expert in the assessment and treatment of persons with problem sexual behavior and sexual offenses
  • Melissa Hill, criminal appeals attorney representing the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico on the New Mexico Sentencing Commission's Sex Offender Management Board Defense Lawyers’ Association
  • Dr. Eric A. Imhof, Psy.D., President/Clinical Director of Specialized Treatment and Assessment Resources, P. A.
  • Tamara Rice Lave, former public defender and current Associate Professor, University of Miami School of Law
  • Cisco McSorely, New Mexico Senator and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Norm Pattis, nationally acclaimed trial lawyer frequently sought as co-counsel for those who have unjustly been denied liberty
  • Phil Taylor, licensed sex offender treatment provider who has worked with parolees and probationers for 20 years
In addition, several informal (and entirely optional) social events will serve conference objectives by enhancing professional networking in relaxed social environments. Several 'open sessions' will also allow attendees time and space to interact directly with peers and experts. Parents traveling with children may utilize child-care during conference hours.

RSOL Executive Director

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ohio - How many sex offenders on the walk to school?

Seriously... lurking? All this hysteria is more than debilitating to our country. Shame, shame on the news coverage from Channel 2 News in Ohio.

Sex offender conference coming to ABQ

MN - Rep. Kerry Gauthier admitted to rest stop sex acts with 17 year old teen

Congrats to "ICAC" Cyber stings on establishing Florida as "The Pedophile Capital of the United States." Great Job, and I'm sure Florida tourism, thanks you also.

"Florida is now the Pedophile Capital of the US. Recent numbers show that there has been a 74% increase in the number of sex offenders as to only 23% for the rest of the nation over the past 5 years. Why is that? Is this a title that Floridians should be proud of? And how come this hasn’t raised any eyebrows? The problem is that Florida is creating sex offenders not catching them by performing random stings into the general population every month, and we are the only state doing such. Florida should not be in the business of testing the will of law-abiding citizens with elaborate (if improbable) fantasies involving any minor. See People v. Aguirre, No. G045009 (Cal. 4th DCA, April 5, 2012, and Lusby v. State, 507 So.2d 611 (1987). 
Although there are pedophiles out there, we are being led to believe that there is a much larger problem than there really is. How come we are the only state that has such a problem? This is an epidemic that has spiraled out of control. Why are counties that are netting the most arrests receiving awards as if it were some kind of game? The true sex predators, such as the Ronald Browns, are not lurking in the areas they say they are catching them. Congratulations Floridians on your new title!" ~ FloridaCitizen

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New York Post Outraged That Sex Offenders Accepted at City Homeless Shelters With Children

New York Post Outraged That Sex Offenders Accepted at City Homeless ...
Reason Online (blog)
But this is a fundamental problem that comes from the U.S.'s "S" for "sex offender" scarlet letter way of sentencing. Perhaps someone who raped a 9-year-old has no business being outside of jail. Or, if they do, after hopefully being actually guilty ...
See all stories on this topic »

Hearing in Walden regarding new sex offender law - YNN, Your News Now

Hearing in Walden regarding new sex offender law - YNN, Your News Now

"True Confessions - from an RSO POV," by JEV: Vigilantismt

Please visit FAC's hosting of a monthly article on our website called "True Confessions - from an RSO POV," by JEV. If you appreciate the author's endeavor, please send comments to the, and don't forget to note which article on the subject line.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Links of Interest

Links below are all related to educating the public:

Don’t forget to check out FAC’s hosting article this month (15th of every month) called, “True Confessions” -From a RSO POV by JEV.

This month’s column “Vigilantism,” is a topic taken from JEV’s upcoming book, “Prison Without Conviction."


For those who missed the Lisa Ling 'Our America" Labeled for Life show, it will be shown again this coming Tuesday at 8:00 pm Texas time on the OWN network.   I guess our toll- free number will be ringing off the wall again on Wednesday.  Bring it on......
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Kevin Foley <>
To: Kevin Scott Foley <>
Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2012 11:39 PM
Subject: American Sex Offender's most important development since the fundraiser

Greetings all,

I am writing to announce the brand new Master Plan of my documentary film, American Sex Offender, that is currently in production. I am sending this to every email address imaginable and have been adding them to the list willy-nilly (sorry if you are getting it 3286 times)... so some of you are intimately aware of the project, and there may be some of you who haven't even heard about it.

Quick recap: About a month ago, my kickstarter fundraiser successfully raised more than $11K from the generous donations of people who are close to this issue across the nation. Since then I have been in hard-core planning mode, which has involved spending a bunch of that money on video equipment, filming a few things, consulting with film industry insiders, communicating with registrants and their loved ones around the country, and making plans. 

I have learned a lot and revamped and overhauled the plan for this film accordingly... and I just posted a new blog describing where it's goin' from here. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT SINCE THE FUNDRAISER ENDED, and I need your help to spread the word. I hope that you will send the link to this blog entry to your email lists and post it on your websites and copy/paste the summary that's bolded in the 2nd paragraph everywhere you can. Facebook recently deleted my personal page, declaring me "ineligible" for a page - the page I've had for 6 years. This after just a month of vigorously promoting this cause and putting myself out there as a "sex offender". I know that censorship means I must be doing something right! I'd like you guys to share this on Facebook too. 

So go check out the blog and see what I'm talking about. The fundraiser was just the beginning.. we need lots and lots of video submissions (and probably a few more donations here and there) to make this film happen! I am more excited and pumped than I've ever been in my whole life to be serving in this way, and I'm still humbled at how much support I have already gotten. Thank you.

Today I spoke on the phone to a man named Rod who is a registrant, and just found out about the film. I was able to tell him about a support meeting for registrants in his city - and it ended up being right down the street! We laughed on the phone and I could hear the joy in his voice as I told him how much support he really does have that he hasn't been aware of for many years. Great things are happening guys. We are a MOVEMENT. Join my efforts and submit your story. Tell people you know to do the same. Go to the support meetings and town halls near you and write letters/call your representatives. I can't tell you how much it will help.

Kevin Scott Foley

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deleted Scenes: A Normal Person Again

Deleted Scenes: A Normal Person Again

Martin shares how his family has coped with his name on the Sex Offender Registry and what their hopes are now that he's been removed.

DC - Hearing on the re-re-authorization of the Adam Walsh Act

US legal system should differentiate between types of sex offenders

FL - David Rowe whining to the media about his own words?

IN - Elkhart police conduct death (murder) investigation of ex-sex offender

Various Interpretations (I guess two can play at that game).

The general news media’s interpretation:

RSO Advocacy interpretations:

FL - David Rowe of No Peace For Predators is agree his own words making him look bad? | Sex Offender Issues - News, studies, videos and articles about sex offender laws

FL - David Rowe of No Peace For Predators is agree his own words making him look bad? | Sex Offender Issues - News, studies, videos and articles about sex offender laws

David Rowe cries to media as he gets a taste of his own medicine

Florida - Child advocate targeted online

Child advocate targeted online

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Cyber-security" legislation killed by Senate filibuster

"Cyber-security" legislation killed by Senate filibuster

Florida: Sex offenders landlord slapped with code violations

Sex offenders landlord slapped with code violations

Rape a dangerous issue for men - The Daily O'Collegian - Oklahoma State University

Rape a dangerous issue for men - The Daily O'Collegian - Oklahoma State University

"Preventing Sex-Offender Recidivism Through Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approaches and Specialized Community Integration"

"Preventing Sex-Offender Recidivism Through Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approaches and Specialized Community Integration"

Study: 1 in 6 sex offenders lives digital double life

 Study: 1 in 6 sex offenders lives digital double life ...
The poster child of sex offenders who altered their digital identity is Fran Kuni, who changed his name ... These digital absconders create two obvious problems .

Where do they actually get these studies??

Browse|Movies |Upload OK - Oklahoma City sex offenders can't live in ministry tents or trailers, then where?

RSOL Monthly Digest

RSOL Monthly Digest

CA - Allowing porn in Public Libraries?

One To See Change Past Posts

One to See Change Blog List

"When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect."
~Adlia Stevenson U.S. Vice President (1893–1897) and Congressman (1879–1881)

On a Personal Note

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts regarding the issue of citizens’ rights, particularly addressing certain sex offenders’ crimes that do not fit the devastating, inequitable and endless punishment given.

As you know, many young men and women lives across the nation are being destroyed by incarceration, life-time registry and restrictive laws that do more harm than good. For those individuals, there is no second chance.

Below is a personal letter to President Obama:
* * * *
“Dear President Obama,

I truly agree with your sentiments that individuals, such as ex-felons, should be able to receive a second chance at life. Since we all know that one can veer off that path of life and travel along rough, rocky terrain, sometimes running off and ending up in some ditch. We all have made our fill of mistakes and sometimes those held a costly consequence that changed life forever. So we lived through it, trying harder to make things right with family, friends and those around us, but what about those who aren’t able to make things right even if they tried…because they’re labeled as too dirty, a leper, a person who is rejected from society and home.

But what if they’re a seventeen year old and had sex with a fifteen year old, consensual at that? Or they’re a teen that had gotten so enraged after a breakup that he sent out naked pictures of his girlfriend on his cell phone or email? Or an individual urinates where someone just happens to see them?

All are wrong and a travesty but do they deserve the life of no second chance with a registry that ends all. They are labeled, no jobs, no where to live…they have been deemed a menace to society, a plague. These certain circumstances, and many other situations similar to these, I believe still deserve a second change.

Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

After my son’s early release and two years of prison, I thought I had handled that fact graciously knowing after serving his time he would be able to get that fresh start, that second chance. He was an exemplary inmate, GED, college courses and vocational classes. Little did I know that a second chance on the outside was the farthest from the truth? He now struggles and lives in a trailer park sharing a trailer with another and surrounded by others in the same rocking boat, one to float endlessly in shark infested waters. I see him little because of probation requirements (he couldn’t live with us because we were 800 feet near a school). My family is afraid of what would happen to them if he lived with them…vigilantism. My son has no other place to stay since others condemn him of his crime that is screamed from the highest rooftop. Sex offender, sex offender!

Not all sex offenders are pedophiles or predators but some are simply young kids that make one stupid and rash decision that eventually changes everything, and they have no idea what they’ve done until their life is never their own. Exactly, where is that second chance for those sex-offenders who are lumped together with pedophiles and predators? Now, it makes me sick to think of my son’s future and many like him that are on the registry and many with no second chance…ever. I am asking you as a mother and as another concerned citizen of the United States that these laws are looked at again and taken into serious consideration in what they are doing to the Constitution of the United States, not for sex offenders in general but the future rights of every citizen, before anymore are put into effect. They unjustly strip an offender of their rights and place them in a guillotine that can be easily set off by anyone and at anytime. Where is the second chance for ex-sex offenders in the present, pending and future laws?”
* * * *
What truly saddens me is the weakness and deterioration of what the sex offense issue is doing to our once, great nation. Across Europe, others are seeing the injustice and disregard of rights, but we ignore this problem and it makes me wonder where humanity is heading….

We have become a hysterical society in which our latest witch-hunt is a sex offender--no matter his/her crime.

Below is a email sent from a foreign advocate to a father of a sex offender:
* * * *
“The tragic story of your son's death is just so sad that it's difficult to explain how. It was very hard to read your letters. It seems almost unbelievable that this can take place in a democracy! From our point of view, there is no justice in this. Not in any way: not for you, your son, the former girl friend – or even the state.

It is an abusive legal system. It seems barbaric. And we are so very sorry that this takes place. That's why it's so important for us to try to neutralize the debate with this…, hopefully making some changes. ….. to show the every day life of the sex offenders, trying to show how they keep on being punished, even after served prison time…..But we will for sure tell the story of the injustice that your son has been exposed to.”
* * * *
I appreciate everyone's commitment and backing to protect everyone's civil rights, plainly as noted in the Constitution of the United States and is presupposed, giving ALL men are “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”