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County workers shun new sex offender rules

Urgent Update! Federal Action Alert: Second Chance Act

Contact: Mark L. O'Brien
Criminal Justice Policy Associate
(202) 544-5478 /

Urgent Update! Federal Action Alert: Second Chance Act

(To read this on our website, please follow this link.) 
As many of you know, LAC and the National H.I.R.E. Network have long supported the Second Chance Act federal reentry legislation (please see our SCA page to learn more). With recent developments in Washington, we need your help to ensure its continued success.

Second Chance Funding

Most critically, Congress is working now to decide on funding for the 2012 fiscal year, which begins on October 1. In a potential blow for reentry programs across the country, the Senate Appropriations Committee recently approved a bill that would eliminate funding for the Second Chance Act in FY 2012. For its part, the House version of the legislation, approved this summer, would provide $70 million for the Second Chance Act in FY12.
Congressional leaders are expected to meet next week to come to agreement on funding levels, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy has pledged to work to restore Second Chance Act funding through the conference process. That's why we need your help now!

How You Can Help

Call the office of your representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives and tell them it’s urgent that they include $70 million to $100 million in funding for the Second Chance Act for FY2012. Stress how important it is to your community to have effective solutions to promote successful reentry, both to save money and to improve public safety. Follow this link for a one-pager on the value of the Second Chance Act.
You can also submit a letter in support of Second Chance Act funding here.
Please contact Mark O’Brien with any questions.
Thank you for you help in pushing for this critical funding!

The Legal Action Center is the only public interest law and policy organization in the United States whose sole
mission is to fight discrimination against and protect the privacy of people in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction,
individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and people with criminal records.
# # #

Mailing Address:
Legal Action Center
236 Massachusetts Ave. NE
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20002-4980

Contact Name: Sherie Boyd
Telephone Number: (202) 544-5478

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Florida’s “10-20-Life” law

Description: Families Against Mandatory Minimums logo 

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been indicted that prosecutors have enormous power.  Yesterday, the New York Times ran an excellent article that highlighted this unintended consequence of mandatory minimums. 

The article notes that one result of the increase in prosecutorial power is the so-called “trial penalty.” Defendants are offered relatively shorter sentences in exchange for a guilty plea, or they face significantly longer penalties if they maintain their innocence and exercise their constitutionally-protected right to a trial by jury.  Unfortunately, this “choice” is one far too many FAMM members are familiar with.

Among them is FAMM member Lee Wollard, whose case we gave to the New York Times reporter.  Wollard’s decision to take his case to trial resulted in a 20-year mandatory minimum prison sentence under Florida’s “10-20-Life” law, even though prosecutors originally offered him five years probation if he would plead guilty. You can read about Wollard’s case here and read an op-ed I wrote about it last summer for the Washington Times here.

Circulate this New York Times article widely - everyone in the country should read it! 

My best,
Julie Stewart

Contact FAMM:
Phone: (202) 822-6700

Mail: 1612 K St., N.W., Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20006

Lake County commissioners take action against sex-offender village plan as protesters gather

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Man Entrapped in a Host of Webs

Kansas views (Sept. 26, 2011)

Tracking sex offenders — A Journal-World investigation identified 161 registered sex offenders who have moved out of Kansas since 2006 but do not show up on offender registries in the states to which they reportedly moved. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation sends letters to states that offenders move to, but after that it's somebody else's responsibility. A state law that went into effect July 1 strengthened Kansas' offender registry, increasing penalties for offenders who fail to register and reducing from 10 to three days the length of time offenders have to notify authorities of an address change. The updates made Kansas just the 10th state in the country to comply with the 2006 federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. SORNA gives the U.S. Marshals Service authority to investigate sex offenders who move out of state but fail to register in their new state. For the protection of all U.S. residents, all 50 states must be part of the SORNA program. Communities should not be left in the dark when dangerous offenders move in from another state. — Lawrence Journal-World

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arrest in the United States, 1980-2009

Misfits: A Sex Offender Is Lost Memory of Skin’s Unlikely Hero

Michael Miner, PhD, editor of new international sexual offender book

The Sudbury Star - Ontario, CA | UR

AR - Program Focuses On Sex Offenders - The Times Record: News

Program Focuses On Sex Offenders - The Times Record: News: Fort Smith police began a weeklong sex offender presentation
Monday, informing community members on how to prevent potential
victims from bein…

“These people try to fit in and look like everyday citizens,” McCoy said. “They want to fit in and look like everybody else because they use that camouflage to protect themselves from being caught.”

Mr. McCoy are you referring to predators or sex offenders? There is a difference you know or does someone have to help you to understand the difference?

Tennessee County Bars Sex Offenders From 19 Libraries

Tennessee County Bars Sex Offenders From 19 Libraries

Grand jury testimony: Two recount drinking, sex with San Jose cop

Sex Offender Issues: LA - Joe Somar - Harassing an offender using regis...

Sex Offender Issues: LA - Joe Somar - Harassing an offender using regis...: Joe Somar Recently, a friend was checking out sex offender related videos on YouTube, as we do all the time, when they came across a video...

Urinating In Public=Sex Offender?

This is an older video but this has happened more than a handful of times.

My mistake that my FAMILY pays for!

Author: A Father,A Husband,A Brother and A Son Story

I was 18 young dumb and spiraling out of control. My girl friend at the time was 17.We both came from broken homes and were doing drugs.The funny thing is that I never did them before dating her. Me and her had been typical young boy friend girl friend since we were in jr high. We were fighting one night when we were by ourselves. She had cheated on me in our so called relationship. I told her to leave that night. When I did she told me how she had been giving my best friend oral and intercourse. That she had given oral for rides and other favors. I said to who? She replied real smart any one that’s willing to give me something I want. I began yelling at her telling her to leave, cursing and violently pushing her towards the door. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I banged on it. No response. I walked away to get my phone. I had enough and was going to call the cops. I began telling her I was going to call the cops. Then she pushed some more. She had some pictures of her and someone having intercourse on her phone and sent them to me from in there. I pushed the door open and grabbed her. I use to carry a knife on my belt. I pulled it out and said since she liked being a whore why don’t you be a whore with me. I yelled and told her she was disgusting and to get out(was not requesting but demanding). She left and called the cops. I was picked up that night. I want to start by saying that what I did was wrong. I have grown a lot. I use to blame her. I don’t any more. I had my actions that I did. I never touched her besides pushing her to leave and grabbing her in the bathroom. I never even wanted to have sex with her in that moment. I wanted to scare her. I was charged with a 3-307(a)Third degree sex offense(threat of force with a weapon). I am very remorseful of what I have done. It is my only criminal charge ever. I am a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. I have no restrictions on kids. Thank God because I have two kids now and a wife. They are my world. I have vowed my whole life to giving them the life I never had. My kids pay the price for my mistake I made out of anger. It breaks me down on a regular basis thinking of it. I own my mistake and it was horrible but I don’t think I should be on a sex offender registry for the rest of my life. I pray to God that one day we find peace. I do understand the need for law enforcement to keep track of offenders. Like I said I am a father. I guess I know in my heart that my threat was that of a idle threat. I am not a threat to any one. I know I shouldn’t be on the list. But how do you get the people to believe me. I never will. I made a mistake did my punishment(probation) and still will spend the rest of my life paying for it. I just wanted to say my story and will most likely never check on it again. I pray every day for my family’s peace, my ex girlfriends peace and my peace.

Oppose The Adam Walsh Act: John Walsh has ruined our lives! Oppose the Adam W...

Oppose The Adam Walsh Act: John Walsh has ruined our lives! Oppose the Adam W...: We need solidarity on this. There are too many people hiding because of the stigma with this kind of crime. Contact me!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Evolution of Unconstitutionality in Sex Offender Registration Laws

Sex Offender Issues: NJ - Court: Electronic monitoring of sex offender ...

Sex Offender Issues: NJ - Court: Electronic monitoring of sex offender ...: Original Article It's about time a judge sees the laws for what they are! Now hopefully other judges who took an oath to defend the Const...

States lose track of some sex offenders

ACLU-Tennessee asks Knox County to rescind library ban on sex offenders, says policy too broad

OK - Officer (Maurice Martinez) accused of sexually abusing some of his ...

VA - Deputy (Matthew Lyons) could face sex crime charges on child pornog...

AR - Fort Smith Police Educating Community on Sex Offenders?

NM - Former officer (Stephen Hensley) sentenced for child porn

Hudak's sex-offender registry a solution in search of a problem

Sex offender taken into custody at downtown Knoxville library

"County Mayor Tim Burchett implemented a policy to ban offenders from the building...."I'm just glad another dirt bag is off the street," Burchett said. "It's good solid policy and we've got a great staff that works at our libraries and they do great work."

Wow, that's pretty professional and his humanitarianism is fantastic.

CARROLL v. STATE - Opinion filed September 15, 2011.

CARROLL v. STATE - Opinion filed September 15, 2011.

TheStar Doubt cast on effectiveness of GPS monitoring of sex offenders

TheStar Doubt cast on effectiveness of GPS monitoring of sex offenders

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sex Offender Reports, Charts and Other Papers: The Missing 100,000 Sex Offender Myth: Are we toda...

Sex Offender Reports, Charts and Other Papers: The Missing 100,000 Sex Offender Myth: Are we toda...: 9-17-2011 National: "The Missing 100,000 Sex Offenders," the Political call to action myth. The myth originates from a 2003 telephone su...

Liberty and Justice for Y'all: New Criminal Laws in Texas

Liberty and Justice for Y'all: New Criminal Laws in Texas: This month's Texas Bar Journal alerts us to a few new criminal laws that our elected officials have just added to the books. Below are some...

Sexting for Minors - Under Senate Bill 407, Texas teenagers that send naked photographs via text message will no longer be deemed to have sent "child pornography." Sexting will now be considered a Class C misdemeanor for a first offense.


Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2011
Donavon Lace Reporting
The following is  a breakdown of the proposed changes to AWA
I have highlighted the changes in Purple and the section noted in its entirety in Green.

Some Oklahoma Sex Offenders May Be Taken Off Registry List
OKLAHOMA CITY — Hundreds of sex offenders will no longer have to register with the state’s sex offender registry, according to a local attorney.
An Oklahoma County judge made the ruling Wednesday telling the state to remove many names immediately.

Washington County adopts less-restrictive sex offender residency law
FORT EDWARD — By an overwhelming majority, the Washington County Board of Supervisors on Friday repealed a local law restricting where sex offenders may live.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sex Offender Issues: When Teens Become Registered Sex Offenders–For Lif...

Sex Offender Issues: When Teens Become Registered Sex Offenders–For Lif...: Original Article 09/09/2011 By Laurie Junkins Few of us would argue against having adults involved in the sexual exploitation of child...

Attleboro - Proposed Law Would Ban Sex Offenders from City Property [VIDEO]

New Site Found

Any First Amendment Problems With Barring Sex Offenders from Public Libraries?

Just one more thing to deny a citizen that has done his time and given no second chance. 

San Diego Reader | "Accused Sex Crimes Detective Responds to Sexual Harrassment Allegations" by mencken

Canada - Chianello: Liberal stunt aimed at Tory sex offender plan angers parents

"So how did Liberal organizers respond to the event with Leamington community members? By handing out sparkly little bracelets to the media. The silvery bangles had a tag that read “Manufactured by Ontario PC crony.”
Don’t get it? That’s okay, neither did I. It’s an apparent reference to the fact that a major manufacturer of GPS tracking bracelets is a friend of the Hudak Tories."

"I’m not for publicizing the sex offenders registry, and I can do without Hudak’s suggestions that Dalton McGuinty cares more about criminals than regular families.
But I would like to hear some real debate over GPS bracelets. Given a choice, I suspect most people would prefer that option over a public registry.
There are arguments for: convicted offenders on parole are supposed to be in touch with the authorities, so tracking technology would merely enhance that. And arguments against: these people have served their time and, anyway, the technology is fallible. Then there’s the $50 million projected cost of the monitoring program."

NV - Woman serving life for having a 13 year old boy touch her breast?

Yes, it is truly wrong what this woman did, but does the crime deserve "life"?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Florida Jobs for SO- HELP or Advice

Frustrated in finding work--- Any advice is appreciated.

Does anyone out there have any employment opportunities around Central Florida (Citrus, Hernando, Marion, or Levy counties) for a sex offender on probation? 
Experienced and proficient concrete foreman with over 20 years supervisory experience. Is versatile with many construction facets. 
Note: on probation with monitoring - 3 1/2 years left.
Seeking to get re-certified with back-hoe, forklift etc... and may be looking to get his CDL.
Any advise is appreciated. 
Email and I will forward your contact information.
Thanks everyone. 

H.R. 578: No Parole for Sex Offenders Act

Oppose or Support this insanity by leaving a story in the "Popvox" box! 
H.R. 578: No Parole for Sex Offenders Act
112th Congress: 2011-2012

To ensure that sex offenders and sexually violent predators are not eligible for parole.
Status: This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Explanation: Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee. [Last Updated: Feb 15, 2011 6:14AM]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mixed martial artist takes plea in Vegas sex case

Forwarded - Petition "Government: Take me off of this Sex Offender Registration list"

"Government: Take me off of this Sex Offender Registration list" Petition.
Thier goal is to reach 100 signatures and they need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Sex Offender Issues: UK - Mans home was attacked after being wrongly id...

Sex Offender Issues: UK - Mans home was attacked after being wrongly id...: Original Article 09/14/2011 By Paul Linford A regional daily newspaper has apologised to a man whose home was attacked after being wro...

New sex offender mandate causing issues

Virginia Beach Schools forced to eliminate security program over lack of funds

Virginia Beach Schools forced to eliminate security program over lack of funds

AR - Sherri Grandidier moves into a home without checking the registry f...

CANADA - Tim Hudak, exploiting ex-offenders, fear and children to get el...

Sex offender suing city

Sex offender suing city

Sex Offender Issues: MN - Carver County GOP Chair (Paul Zunker) Resigns...

Sex Offender Issues: MN - Carver County GOP Chair (Paul Zunker) Resigns...: Paul Zunker Original Article 09/14/2011 Charges allege Zunker inappropriately touched girl CHASKA - Carver County Republican Party ch...

Ban On Sex Offenders Entering Public Libraries May Be Unconstitutional

Ban On Sex Offenders Entering Public Libraries May Be Unconstitutional

Monday, September 12, 2011

Level 3 sex offender hopes public registry will end for the rehabilitated

Sex Offender Issues: ND - Sex offender perimeter of 1,200 feet, sheriff...

Sex Offender Issues: ND - Sex offender perimeter of 1,200 feet, sheriff...: The sheriff in this video admits, he hopes that the law makes it hard for ex-offenders to find a place to live. So he admits the laws are a...

Do sex offender registries help?

SC - Schools check for sex offenders, but murderers and other criminals,...

Canada - Wishart: More activities needed for youth

U.S. v. MOORE - Argued and Submitted May 2, 2011 Seattle, Washington.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"The city has also created a gun offender registry, modeled after those in place for sex offenders, although many people in it are already being monitored through parole or probation." 

Does that make sense? Then why is there a registry for sex offenders if they are too monitored through parole and probation. hmmmmmm...........

Tories pledge $25M to keep kids occupied

Tories pledge $25M to keep kids occupied

"...and expand the use of electronic monitoring to include repeat sex offenders."

Keyword here--repeat sex offenders!

Announcement: Nebraska Judiciary Hearing on Interim study to examine the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 and Nebraska's Sex Offender Registration Act

Announcement: Nebraska Judiciary Hearing on Interim study to examine the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 and Nebraska's Sex Offender Registration Act

FL - Sheriff's Office shaming ex-offenders with marked "SEXUAL OFFENDER ...

16 year old sex laws and injustice in America

Louisiana Crime Against Nature Law

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sex Offenders: Murdered: AWOL Fort Riley soldier killed in standoff

Sex Offenders: Murdered: AWOL Fort Riley soldier killed in standoff: 9-3-2011 Kansas: A Fort Riley soldier who had been convicted Wednesday of raping a child was killed Thursday after a standoff with law en...

"Evenson was tried in absentia and was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole."

Collier housing policies allow convicted sex offender to work on projects

Calif. bill seeks more scrutiny of sex offenders

Bus stop moved away from sex offender’s home

Child Sex Crime Convictions Up 60% But Even More Education Needed

FL - Daytona to consider limiting where sex offenders can live

IN - Gibson attorney pleads guilty to pornography, obstructing justice charges

"Possession of child pornography is not a crime that requires registering as sex offender."

New Website - New Name

There is a PPT at the bottom of the home page;
Check it out,

Singapore - MCYS scheme helps young sex offenders [2011] 31 Aug_ST

NY - Lawmaker (Richard Fontana) to build one more park in neighborhood t...

GA - Georgia is wasting money on Offender Watch, $157,500 to be exact

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Organization - Women Against Registry (WAR)

WAR's Vision
 "To restore life, health, and constitutional freedom to all affected by sexual offense legislation."

WAR's  Mission Statements:
Establish fair and equitable laws and policies regarding sexual offenses.
Promote a supportive attitude among citizens concerning the American ideals of human rights and justice for all affected by sexual offense laws.
Strive for cost-effective laws that will truly work to protect children and adults from sexual harm.
Ensure that all people are offered equal protection afforded by law and are protected against unlawful discrimination.
Assist registered offenders to productively re-enter and make valued contributions to the society in which they live.
Promote and strengthen positive and healthy relationships among all persons affected by sexual offenses.
Support and promote unity for families who are struggling as a result of a sexual offense conviction.

WAR's Values
 • ALL children have the right to grow up safe from harm.
• ALL persons have the right to healing where there has been harm.
• Communities have the right to laws and policies which actually WORK to achieve these goals.
• A publicized registry is demonstrably ineffective in protecting children or adults from harm.
• Current sexual offense laws cause immeasurable harm to families and communities.
• Former offenders need a stable, supportive environment to reduce the already low risk of recidivism.

WAR's Goals
 • Challenge punitive registry laws.
• Challenge civil and judicial rules and procedures.
• Challenge civil commitment statutes.
• Challenge irrational sentencing practices.
• Challenge residency restrictions.
—• Unify independent grass roots organizations to provide a strong, strident voice for reform

Professors warn about new sex offenders law

College Rape Accusations and the Presumption of Male Guilt

Tracking Sex Offenders; The Impact of Megan's Law

Child predators: Is our punishment misguided?

Sex Offender Sentenced to Prison

If this is what I am reading right, this article and title aren't in accord. The title has little implication with the actual article. From what I read, the main significance was that the sex offender was beaten in prison. Maybe I'm wrong....

"The Second Chance Act Amendments of 7/21/2011 Excluding Sex Offenders: REINSTATE sex offenders back into The Second Chance Act of 2011"

Please sign the petition "The Second Chance Act Amendments of 7/21/2011 Excluding Sex Offenders: REINSTATE sex offenders back into The Second Chance Act of 2011".
The goal is to reach 10,000 signatures and we need more support. 
You can read more and sign the petition here:
You can also spread the word to other advocates and especially friends and family. The petition needs all the signatures we can get for when we go to Washington DC early in the fall.
Terry @ NJVoices/RSOL

Romeo And Juliet Law To Help Some Illinois Fathers On Sex Offender Registry

National - New Book Says Sex Offender Registries Are Too Harsh

See comments below that article...

Sex Offender Court Decisions: US v Crowder

Sex Offender Court Decisions: US v Crowder: 9-1-2011 Washington: US v Crowder In June 2007, Kevin Leroy Crowder was convicted of child molestation in Washington state court and ...

Convicted sex offender fights to keep real estate license

Convicted sex offender fights to keep real estate license

One To See Change Past Posts

One to See Change Blog List

"When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea. He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect."
~Adlia Stevenson U.S. Vice President (1893–1897) and Congressman (1879–1881)

On a Personal Note

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts regarding the issue of citizens’ rights, particularly addressing certain sex offenders’ crimes that do not fit the devastating, inequitable and endless punishment given.

As you know, many young men and women lives across the nation are being destroyed by incarceration, life-time registry and restrictive laws that do more harm than good. For those individuals, there is no second chance.

Below is a personal letter to President Obama:
* * * *
“Dear President Obama,

I truly agree with your sentiments that individuals, such as ex-felons, should be able to receive a second chance at life. Since we all know that one can veer off that path of life and travel along rough, rocky terrain, sometimes running off and ending up in some ditch. We all have made our fill of mistakes and sometimes those held a costly consequence that changed life forever. So we lived through it, trying harder to make things right with family, friends and those around us, but what about those who aren’t able to make things right even if they tried…because they’re labeled as too dirty, a leper, a person who is rejected from society and home.

But what if they’re a seventeen year old and had sex with a fifteen year old, consensual at that? Or they’re a teen that had gotten so enraged after a breakup that he sent out naked pictures of his girlfriend on his cell phone or email? Or an individual urinates where someone just happens to see them?

All are wrong and a travesty but do they deserve the life of no second chance with a registry that ends all. They are labeled, no jobs, no where to live…they have been deemed a menace to society, a plague. These certain circumstances, and many other situations similar to these, I believe still deserve a second change.

Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

After my son’s early release and two years of prison, I thought I had handled that fact graciously knowing after serving his time he would be able to get that fresh start, that second chance. He was an exemplary inmate, GED, college courses and vocational classes. Little did I know that a second chance on the outside was the farthest from the truth? He now struggles and lives in a trailer park sharing a trailer with another and surrounded by others in the same rocking boat, one to float endlessly in shark infested waters. I see him little because of probation requirements (he couldn’t live with us because we were 800 feet near a school). My family is afraid of what would happen to them if he lived with them…vigilantism. My son has no other place to stay since others condemn him of his crime that is screamed from the highest rooftop. Sex offender, sex offender!

Not all sex offenders are pedophiles or predators but some are simply young kids that make one stupid and rash decision that eventually changes everything, and they have no idea what they’ve done until their life is never their own. Exactly, where is that second chance for those sex-offenders who are lumped together with pedophiles and predators? Now, it makes me sick to think of my son’s future and many like him that are on the registry and many with no second chance…ever. I am asking you as a mother and as another concerned citizen of the United States that these laws are looked at again and taken into serious consideration in what they are doing to the Constitution of the United States, not for sex offenders in general but the future rights of every citizen, before anymore are put into effect. They unjustly strip an offender of their rights and place them in a guillotine that can be easily set off by anyone and at anytime. Where is the second chance for ex-sex offenders in the present, pending and future laws?”
* * * *
What truly saddens me is the weakness and deterioration of what the sex offense issue is doing to our once, great nation. Across Europe, others are seeing the injustice and disregard of rights, but we ignore this problem and it makes me wonder where humanity is heading….

We have become a hysterical society in which our latest witch-hunt is a sex offender--no matter his/her crime.

Below is a email sent from a foreign advocate to a father of a sex offender:
* * * *
“The tragic story of your son's death is just so sad that it's difficult to explain how. It was very hard to read your letters. It seems almost unbelievable that this can take place in a democracy! From our point of view, there is no justice in this. Not in any way: not for you, your son, the former girl friend – or even the state.

It is an abusive legal system. It seems barbaric. And we are so very sorry that this takes place. That's why it's so important for us to try to neutralize the debate with this…, hopefully making some changes. ….. to show the every day life of the sex offenders, trying to show how they keep on being punished, even after served prison time…..But we will for sure tell the story of the injustice that your son has been exposed to.”
* * * *
I appreciate everyone's commitment and backing to protect everyone's civil rights, plainly as noted in the Constitution of the United States and is presupposed, giving ALL men are “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”